Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating Robin Leigh Miller's First Print Release

Today at our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we are celebrating Robin Leigh Miller's very first print release, BLACK SMOKE, an action-packed romantic adventure with a twist of the paranormal.

Robin resides in central Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, German Shepard Tae' and mutt hound Bailey. She now lives a quiet, subdued life in comparison to her younger years of dirt track racing in stock cars. An adrenaline junky, these days she enjoys putting her characters through their paces.

Action, adventure and a touch of paranormal can be found in her books. "Enter a world where anything can happen...and usually does" is her motto and reflects her writing style. Sometime the mundane can become insane. Take a walk on the wild side and join her heroins as they muttle through the twists and turns life throws at them. And of course, there's always the hunky guy to catch them when they fall.


BLACK SMOKE from author Robin Leigh Miller.

Samantha Wells has lived through more hell in her short life than most. At the age of eight her serene life was turned upside down. Her parents were brutally murdered and Sam barely escaped with her life. But she didn't do it alone - a soft calm voice led her to safety, the voice of her spirit guide.

Disguised by a black mask and the handle Black Smoke, with the help of her spirit guide, Sam rescues those unfortunate people who find themselves in the hands of humanity's worst. Life is good until Sam is called on to assist a small covert military team in recovering a kidnapped scientist in Afghanistan.

Lt. Mark Lowe (Kong) is less than thrilled to be placing his team's lives in the hands of a woman, much less one as beautiful and sexy as Sam. He quickly learns there is more to this woman than meets the eye. She not only infiltrates enemy bases - she's infiltrated his heart. Kong retreats to safer ground, leaving Sam heartbroken. Distant and unwilling to listen to anyone, Sam delves headfirst into a hell that only Kong can pull her from.

Enter a world where anything can happen...and usually does with author Robin Leigh Miller.


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating Pauline Baird Jones' New Sci Fi Romance - GIRL GONE NOVA

Today we celebrate the release of GIRL GONE NOVA, the sequel to Pauline Baird Jones' award-winning novel THE KEY.

Pauline is the award-winning author of eight novels of action-adventure, suspense, romantic suspense and comedy-mystery. She's also written two non-fiction books, ADAPTING YOUR NOVEL FOR FILM and MADE-UP MAYHEM which released August 2008. Her seventh novel, OUT OF TIME, an action-adventure romance set in World War II, is a 2007 EPPIE winner in the single title/mainstream category. Her eighth novel, THE KEY, released from LL Dreamspell, is the Dream Realm Awards winner in its category and won a bronze medal in the Independent Publisher awards.

Originally from Wyoming , Pauline and her family moved from New Orleans to Texas before Katrina.

GIRL GONE NOVA, a new sci fi adventure from Pauline Baird Jones is L & L Dreamspell's 100th release!

Doc - Delilah Oliver Clementyne's - orders are simple: do the impossible and do it yesterday. A genius/bad ass, she does the impossible on a regular basis. But this time the impossible is complicated by an imminent war between the Earth expedition to the Garradian Galaxy and the Gadi, an encounter with some wife-hunting aliens, and not one but two bands of time travelers.
The only way it could get worse? If the heart she didn't know she had starts beating for the wrong guy...

"After a multiyear absence, Baird Jones makes a very welcome return by once again visiting the alternate reality first explored in The Key. Time paradoxes run amok in this extraordinarily complex tale. Amongst the densely packed and mind-bending action, there's also some welcome humor. A spectacular ride!" Romantic Times Magazine, Jill Smith, 4 and 1/2 stars!


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today we're celebrating a new Harlequin Showcase Release featuring a story by Lucy Monroe!

Award winning author Lucy Monroe sold her first book in September of 2002. Since then she has sold more than 30 books to three publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England. She's a passionate devotee to the romance genre and loves talking writing, the industry and books with other writers as well as readers. Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving the reader a fantasy story not easily forgotten. Whether it's a passionate Harlequin Presents, a sexy single title for Kensington or a steamy historical or paranormal for Berkley, Lucy's books transport her readers to a special place where the heart rules and love conquers all.



Hope Bishop is stunned when darkly sexy Sicilian tycoon Luciana di Valerio proposes marriage. Brought up by her wealthy but distant grandfather, she is used to fading into the background. But Luciano's sensual lovemaking makes her feel vibrantly alive. Hope falls in love with her husband and is blissfully happy -until she discovers that Luciano married her to fulfill his own ruthless agenda!

The book also includes the fabulous "The Greek's Virgin Bride" by Julia James.

Look for Showcases in the single title romance section of your favorite bookstores!


WIN- Leave Lucy a comment or question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for an autographed copy of her novel PREGNANCY OF PASSION a Harlequin Presents romance featuring another sexy Sicilian! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating Carolina Valdez' New Print Collection

The heat of desire doesn't always run a straight course to permanent love in this paperback collection of two sizzling stories involving a television star named “TV's Sexiest Man" and a helicopter logger who doubles as a firefighter, and a physician who falls for the undercover police detective he treats.

Previously available only in electronic format, these Amber Allure Top Ten Best-Sellers of gay erotic romance by Carolina Valdez have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales...

Kevin Connolly, star of The Detective and selected as TV’s “Sexiest Man of the Year,” works in Hollywood with frequent filming trips to various locations. Nate Marquette, Kevin’s new love, works part of the year as a fireman in a mountain range not far from Los Angeles, but most of the year he operates his business as a helicopter logger in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Complicating the logistics of getting together when they’re miles apart is the fact that it’s vital they keep their sexual preferences secret. Exposure as a gay man might ruin Kevin’s career, but it could mean death for Nate.

Yet in the end, it’s not these challenges that threaten to tear them apart, but deeper issues of trust and betrayal...

Stan Gordon, M.D., is well aware of the unwritten code forbidding sexual liaisons between a physician and those in his charge, but when he provides intimate care for Brian Storm, a seriously injured police detective, he comes dangerously close to crossing the line. When he does, he’s shocked to find desire is forbidden, not by the code but by the emotional demons with which Brian wrestles.

Tortured while working undercover before they met, Brian knows police policy prevents him from sharing the full story with Stan, yet not revealing the trauma in order to heal his emotional scars threatens to destroy their new and deepening love. If Brian can’t overcome what’s been done to him, will Stan leave him to look for a more responsive man? And will Brian be able to resolve his secret fears that he’ll be unable to function as a cop again?


WIN - Leave Carolina a comment or question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a Hot & Sweet prize - a Banana Nut Bread jar candle! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you're today's winner!

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